An Enchantment of Ravens- Margaret Rogerson *Book Review*

Isobel is a girl living in Whimsy, a human town outside the realms of faeries. Her Craft is painting and her portraits are highly sought after by the Fair Folk. Isobel had never painted faerie nobility until she is visited by Rook, the Autumn Prince. She unknowingly paints human emotion in his eyes which is a huge “no-no” so Rook returns to bring her back to his court where she will stand trial for her crime.

This book is like a bag of chips. 75% of the bag is air and the last 25% is the chips that you paid for. The concept of this book drew me in and the first few chapters were incredible! I loved the world building and the rules Rogerson sets up for this faerie story. The writing is really good too with the exception of some awkward dialogue. There is a bit of a disconnect where characters speak like modern day teenagers in a world where they clearly aren’t. Most of the characters themselves are barely more than cardboard cutouts to be honest and the plot moves quickly and awkwardly in a meandering path- that is, when there is plot at all. Most of this book is just Isobel and Rook walking through the woods. .

Do you hate instalove? Give this book a pass. Did you want to actually see the Autumn court that’s been hyped up since the beginning? You’re not going to.

I don’t have a lot to say about this book because it’s only 300 pages and a standalone story and nothing really happens. It’s not terrible but don’t be fooled by it’s gorgeous cover art. It’s a very quick read with a couple of good scenes, good writing, and not much else.

Final verdict: 2/5 stars

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