Top 3 Thursday: Bookish Foods!

I’m participating in this weekly challenge started and hosted by the wonderful Mel from you can find her post on this topic here! On Mel’s post she states that Amy from over here is the one who came up with the awesome themes for this month so go check her out too!!

As you may have noted from the title, today’s theme is all about bookish foods. So this could be foods present in particular books or foods that you like to eat while reading. I’m not actually a huge eat-and-read type person but sometimes I have a snack that won’t make too much of a mess. Crackers and cookies are a no go for me because…crumbs. My favorite treat to have while reading is strawberries with a little whipped cream. Of course, I also love coffee, cocoa, or tea while I’m reading depending on the mood I’m in. Like I’m actually just so excited for autumn and winter to come back around so I can curl up with some hot chocolate and a book and a warm blanket. When will summer be over???

Anyway, for my top 3 picks this week I’m going with unique foods found in YA books!

1. November Cakes (The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater)

Will I ever stop fangirling over this book? Probably not. The Scorpio Races just has everything I could ever want in a young adult fantasy. There’s a quaint little town on an island that bears a mysterious and dangerous tradition, there’s unique monsters, and a competition where the penalty for losing is probably death. There’s also November Cakes!! My copy of this book had a recipe for them on one of the last pages and my mom and I have tried making them a few times; they’re really good!! Imagine a sort of cinnamon bun type pastry with a citrus-y plot twist. They’re soft, sweet, and sticky and now I want some right now!!

This blog here has a really great recipe that’s been tweaked to perfection (and has the original recipe listed). Definitely check it out and try them for yourself. AND READ THIS BOOK IT’S SO GOOD OKAY?

2. Alba’s Forgetful Cakes (The Wicked Deep by Shae Ernshaw)

Can you tell I like cakes a lot? These treats are described in the book as bite size little pick-me-ups for literally forgetting about all of your worries and stress. I could use one or six of those myself I think. This book also features another quaint seaside town on a spooky island with an annual curse of sorts. It’s like my favorite type of setting ever. (Please recommend other books about seaside towns on spooky islands.)

3. Ambrosia (The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan)

Our lovable protagonist Percy Jackson gets to have his first taste of Ambrosia when he’s recovering from his fight with the Minotaur. The description always makes my mouth water when he compares sipping ambrosia to eating his mom’s melty chocolate chip cookies. Every time it’s consumed in the book I feel my own sweet tooth crying out for baked goods drowned in chocolate.

So what are your favorite bookish foods? Do you like to snack while you read? Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by. ❤️

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