Heir of Ra by M. Sasinowski *Book Review*

heir of raI received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Heir of Ra was so much fun! I love that it gets right into the action and fills you in with background information along the way. I found the pages absolutely flying by as I had to know what our main character, Alyssa, was going to do about the mess she finds herself in. Her father’s archaeological dig into The Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx in Egypt has gone horribly wrong and left him with a mysterious disease that poses an insidious threat to countless lives and is unaffected by modern medicine.
Alyssa comes to possess a strangely advanced artifact in the shape of a pyramid that has significant implications for both past and future. She believes that uncovering its secrets will give her the answers she needs to save her father. The problem is that she’s not the only one who wants it, and these adversaries are willing to take it from her by force.
Heir of Ra is like a mix between Lara Croft, The Mummy, and a grown-up Kane Chronicles. It has a wonderful mix of action/adventure, mystery, and mythology. Alyssa is a brave, proactive main character that is often aided by her male companions but never once did I get the feeling that she was a damsel in distress which is greatly appreciated. She is in control of her own actions, stubbornly so at times. She’s intelligent and very capable physically but she’s also not afraid to have moments of emotional vulnerability. Alyssa is a wonderfully written, multifaceted heroine that I enjoyed getting to know.

There is a wide cast of characters in this story and all of whom have at least some depth to them. In stories like this, it’s common for the main bad guy to just be a shadowy figure that rubs their hands together menacingly but serves no purpose besides being evil. In Heir of Ra we get to know the motivations of the Society and everyone involved in carrying out its goals are nuanced.
The visions of Horus that pop in from time to time are incredible. There’s a rich lore to be found in these parts and my only complaint is that I wish they were longer. I could read a whole book (or more) on this backstory.
I cannot wait to see how Alyssa’s character further develops and what becomes of Kade, Paul, and the rest of the cast in the sequel!!
I would recommend Heir of Ra to fans Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, Koji Suzuki’s Spiral, and anyone else who enjoys fast paced fiction with touches of scifi, mystery, and mythology.

Final Score: ⭐/5

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