Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames *Book Review*

Clay Cooper was once part of a legendary mercenary band called Saga. They went touring through the hazardous Heartwyld, gaining notoriety with every monster slain and princess rescued. They even bested a dragon one time. Well, almost.

Those were the good old days, but now Clay isn’t as limber as he used to be, and he’s quite content to be at home with his wife and daughter dreaming of the day when he can open an inn and hang up his legendary shield on the mantle.

So when the front-runner of the old band shows up on Clay’s doorstep he knows there’s trouble on the horizon. Gabriel needs his help– the band has to get back together for one more tour.


Kings of the Wyld was such a blast, I can hardly contain my excitement! I’ve been pushing this book on anyone who will listen to me ever since I got to the last page.

The fantastical world of Grandual and the mysterious Heartwyld beyond feel real from the well developed (and super original!) world building that gets seamlessly woven in throughout the story.

In this world mercenary groups are treated like rockstars and these days monster hunting just ain’t what it used to be and sometimes you need a group of four burly dudes and a crazy wizard to come back and show all the youngsters how it’s done.

Every single member of Saga is complex and well developed. I would lay down my life for any and all of them. I was pleased to see some LGBTQ+ and PoC rep within the main cast. Everyone has an important role to play.

This book reads like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign rife with hilarious shenanigans and a surprising amount of heart. I’d be rolling on the floor from one page and getting teary-eyed at the next. There’s some incredibly impactful stuff going on within these pages.

Themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and duty all come up frequently and are handled with care and respect. There’s plenty of times where the manliest of men lay bare their emotions and I loved that.

This was a book that I wished went on forever. I had to slow down my reading progress because I just wanted to savor it as much as I could. Otherwise I definitely would’ve downed it in one sitting.

Nicholas Eames has created something fresh and insanely fun. I suspected this was a gem from the very first page when we’re introduced to Clay Cooper and I was not let down at all. This will be a story I return to countless times, I’m sure of it.

If you like fantasy, humor, adventure, and a ton of heart, this is a book you cannot pass on.


Final Verdict: ★★★★★★★★★★ 5/5, 10/10, all the stars I can possibly give.

Have you read this book? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in? Let me know!

Be kind.



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