The Witch Hunt (Jonny Roberts, #3) by Alexander Lound *Book Review*

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The Witch Hunt (Jonny Roberts, #3) by Alexander Lound

I was given a free copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Our series protagonist, Jonny Roberts returns for this latest paranormal adventure, and this one is probably the darkest yet. Weaving together complex problems, both real and supernatural, Johnny has a lot to deal with and the stakes are higher than ever.

I think any kid who grew up in a less than perfect home will be able to relate to our hero’s struggles. I loved how themes of familial loyalty are addressed and it touches on the fact that our parents are fallible human beings. In a lot of YA, we see parents that are squeaky clean or altogether absent and that just isn’t realistic. They may be the people who raise us but they make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes hurt us. I really appreciate that this book doesn’t patronize its readers by implying things are so simple.

When Jonny goes to stay with his dad he’s dealing with grief and heartbreak from the end of the last book, which is another mature topic that I thought was handled respectfully and maturely. He faces new family figures including his father’s romantic partner and her daughter. He must try to come to terms with his own feelings in order to let these new people into his life.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jonny Roberts book without a spooky mystery to solve and as I mentioned, this one is very dark. This time the horrors aren’t just dead and buried, and Jonny and Friends need to race against time to save those they love and themselves!

There were a few parts I found slower than previous entries but when the action does ramp up, it delivers! I loved the return of one particular consistent character in this series, and I’m hoping the ending means we’ll get to see another in the next entry.

My final rating for this book is 3.5 stars and I highly recommend checking it out if you like adventurous, character-driven stories that include some supernatural elements.

Trigger warning for attempted suicide

Thank you very much to Mr. Lound for the opportunity to read and review this book before its official release! I’m looking forward to the next entry in the Jonny Roberts Saga.

This book will be released February 8, 2021.

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