22 of My Favorite Books *Birthday Special!*

Greetings, Bookworms! Tomorrow, 9/24 is my 22nd birthday and to celebrate I’ll be sharing with you 22 of my most beloved books, thus far! I hope somewhere in here you’re able to find a title or two that catches your attention! #22 Junji Ito’s Cat Diary by Junji Ito Goodreads rating: 4.22 | Genre: Manga, HumorContinue reading “22 of My Favorite Books *Birthday Special!*”

January 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

I can’t believe we’re here already! January has been a relatively busy month as everyone adjusts to the new year and avoids all the ice on the roads since it keeps raining and then freezing over here. My Jan ’19 vibe was hot chocolate, folk music, sweatshirts and video games. And books. Of course, lotsContinue reading “January 2019 Reading Wrap-Up”

The Sunday Review 1/27/2019

This is a new weekly installment I want to try out! Every Sunday I’ll be going over any new book related stuff I’ve been up to. I also want to work on branching out a little bit on here into the not-so-bookish parts of my life. I’ll keep them brief for now while I figureContinue reading “The Sunday Review 1/27/2019”