Claymore Volume 7 *Book Review*

Claymore Volume 7: Fit for Battle by Norihiro Yagi ISBN- 9781421510491 Genre: Manga, Fantasy, Horror Avg. Goodreads rating: 4.31 Is it a book review if I just sit here and mash the exclamation key? !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No? Alright then. This is easily the best volume yet. I’m freaking out. I mentioned in my last Claymore reviewContinue reading “Claymore Volume 7 *Book Review*”

Series I Want to Finish in 2019 (#seriesTF2019)

#SeriesTf2019 is a reading challenge created by Anna from Reader and Proud. I wanted to join in because it seemed like a fun way to hit some of the reading goals I set for myself earlier this year. ABOUT #SERIESTF2019 The goal for the challenge is to complete series; it does not matter if youContinue reading “Series I Want to Finish in 2019 (#seriesTF2019)”

2018 Reading Challenge Review/Wrap-Up

2018 was the first year I spent involved in the online bookish community. I started on Bookstagram then soon after migrated to Goodreads, then here on WordPress. I’ve since joined Tumblr and Twitter as well. (You can find me on all platforms at @foxingfae of course!) Prior to this though I’ve kept track of myContinue reading “2018 Reading Challenge Review/Wrap-Up”