Three Dark Crowns- Kendare Blake *Book Review*

On the island of Fennbirn, each generation’s queen gives birth to triplet girls. These girls each possess a different magical gift that they will use to fight to the death once they turn sixteen. Katharine is a poisoner, Arsinoe is a naturalist, and Mirabella is a powerful elemental. They have just come of age andContinue reading “Three Dark Crowns- Kendare Blake *Book Review*”

The Bone Witch- Rin Chupeco *Book Review*

Tea finds out she’s a Bone Witch when she accidentally raises her older brother from his grave at his funeral. Because Bone Witches are often feared and hated, she is sent across the kingdom to train with other asha and learn how to control her power. *I just want to give everyone a fair warningContinue reading “The Bone Witch- Rin Chupeco *Book Review*”

The Gunslinger- Stephen King *Book Review*

“The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.” Roland Deschain is the last of the line of eld, gunslingers, who shoot with their hearts and never with their hands. Roland is on a quest to reach The Dark Tower and he pursues the mysterious man in black like a man possessed.Continue reading “The Gunslinger- Stephen King *Book Review*”