Rapid Fire Book Reviews // Part IV

Previously in Part III… So let me cut to the chase: my 2019 resolution of writing a review of every book I read was very difficult for me to keep up with. Out of the 95 books I read this year, I formally reviewed 39 of them. So… yikes. Since I have a day off,Continue reading “Rapid Fire Book Reviews // Part IV”

Rapid Fire Book Reviews // Part II

As promised, here is part II of my new little blogging series I’ve titled Rapid Fire Book Reviews. If you missed part I you can catch up here. With this installment I’ll be nearly caught up with all the book reviews I was behind on. However, I’m thinking of making this an ongoing thing forContinue reading “Rapid Fire Book Reviews // Part II”

Claymore Volume 7 *Book Review*

Claymore Volume 7: Fit for Battle by Norihiro Yagi ISBN- 9781421510491 Genre: Manga, Fantasy, Horror Avg. Goodreads rating: 4.31 Is it a book review if I just sit here and mash the exclamation key? !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No? Alright then. This is easily the best volume yet. I’m freaking out. I mentioned in my last Claymore reviewContinue reading “Claymore Volume 7 *Book Review*”